Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

Hola Padres,
I got the package thanks. Emily's emails to me are pretty short and pictureless so just forward her emails to me. 

Thanks for sending Mom's talk.  That is the angle I have been taking with my member missionary messages.  Consistency is the key.  Just do the small things. Trust in the Lord and no effort will be wasted.

Our area has been busier than ever.  We have been able to find more people but are still struggling for good solid people who will actually meet with us.  I'm way optimistic though.  I'm not sure why but I feel like the area here is changing and we are making a lot more headway.  It just feels different than it was a little bit ago.  We have started getting more referrals and people have been friendlier and more receptive.

So J and K, the older couple I wrote about last week, came to church yesterday.  They had both read from the Book of Mormon and had questions prepared.  We visited with our awesome Tongan member and he really helped out welcoming them to church Sunday.  One thing I was worried about was teaching about the restoration of the priesthood.  J is the sort of guy who would wonder why one particular religion has to be the true one and I was afraid that he would reject the idea that only one church could have authority.  But we went ahead and taught it anyway.  When I stopped talking, his wife, who is usually quiet, started bearing testimony of the restoration of the priesthood!  It turns out that she has had a testimony of the church the whole time and had an amazing spiritual experience that confirmed to her that our church has authority from God!  I was stunned!  God had given her this revelation years ago in preparation for us teaching her and her husband about the Restoration of the Gospel.  Afterwards I had to repent and apologize for doubting.

So it looks like we had forgotten to lock the car one night.  We got ready to go the next morning but couldn't find the sheets that we recorded our daily miles on.  We then realized the gps was also gone.  We did and inventory and it looks like someone took our gas card, my mp3 player, and all the car paperwork.  I now don't have any music.  I had just gotten some cool songs from another missionary too.  Could you send another one sometime.  No hurry I'm discovering that I actually like the quiet with out music all the time.  When you do send it be sure to include any soundtrack that is uplifting.  I still don't know where the new president is on music but I can always just delete songs myself. 

My district leader duties are almost non-existent.  Everyone in my district is either a sister or they out rank me.  I just get to decide who will be speaking at district meeting.  This week I think I will make a couple sisters do both trainings.  I can just sit back and listen.  Love you,
Elder Stapley

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