Wednesday, April 22, 2015

First Nebraska Letter from Elder Stapley!

Hey Family,
I'm doing great!  I'm serving in the Mahoney ward in Lincoln. Lincoln has enough members for a couple chapels and a handful of wards. Our ward here is mostly older people and young families going to school. Not a lot of youth but a large primary as well as a good number of returned missionaries.  I understand it is one of the better wards for member missionary work.  We get fed almost every day. We haven't had a dinner that wasn't given to us yet. I might forget how to make my own food.

Elder Jones is an excellent missionary.  He has been out for ten months, just one more than me.  We do missionary work very differently but are learning a lot from each other.  There is a huge difference between this mission and Busan and it is a bit hard to adjust. I think having a different perspective will be a huge blessing though.
There are a ton of people we are working with.  There is a couple who are working toward baptism.  They read and pray everyday and ask questions every time we meet.  They come to church and have been asking what to do to share the gospel with others. It is amazing. 

We have been spending some time with a few kids from one of the rough neighborhoods. One is a convert who has been helping us with his friends and brother.  We play basketball with them and read from the Book of Mormon. Yesterday the member and a couple of friends came to church.  They were worried because they were in street clothes but the ward welcomed them. Be sure to always introduce yourself to new people and ask the missionaries if there is anyone who needs to feel welcome at church.

I miss Korea but it is nice to get so many teaching opportunities.

I can't think of anything else right now.  Love you, talk to you in a few weeks.

Elder Stapley

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

FINALLY!!! Back to full time missionary work!

After 9 months of service in the South Korea, Busan Mission, Elder Stapley returned home due to health issues.  On Tuesday, April 24, 2015, more than 13 months later, he was cleared to serve again.  He has been assigned to the Nebraska, Omaha mission for 3 months!  If all goes well with his health he will finish his remaining year of service somewhere in the states.

We, his family, have been amazed at his patience and persistance while he has been waiting for medical clearance to resume his missionary service.  He has taught us all by his example!