Monday, August 10, 2015

August 3, 2015

We set J and K for baptism on the 29th.  When I asked them if they thought they could do that J said, "Not to have a big head or anything, but I can have my answer way before that".  They just have to quit smoking though.  They are trying.  They fasted for strength yesterday and even gave a fast offering.

We have been focusing on finding people this transfer and this last week we were able to get a bunch of new people.  I am a bit worried about them though.  There are a couple of teenage girls that were way too excited to talk to us, some older people who would just talk over us and didn't really listen and a gay guy that tried to hook us up with some of his "homegirls".  
"Do you like black girls?"  
"I'm a missionary. I like Jesus."  
He wants to come to church though.

We haven't been able to see any of our old people this transfer.  They are all busy or out of town.  We did get to see Ms. M this week though.  She is still stubborn but we are so close to setting her for baptism finally.  She is freakishly good at dodging questions and changing the subject though.  She is already out of town again so we'll have to wait a bit longer to set her.

We had interviews with Pres. Gardner this last week.  He is challenging us to memorize three scriptures every week for the rest of our mission.  He has promised increased power and spirituality if we do.  I am not at all good at this sort of thing but I am excited to think of what that sort of scriptural knowledge would do to my teaching ability.

I have to go they are shutting the computers off.
Love you! Bye,
Elder Stapley

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