Saturday, July 4, 2015

June 29, 2015

Hello Parents,
Happy anniversary.  Next year will be the big 25th.  Is there a precious metal associated with 25 years?  Hopefully I'll be home next year for it.  I should get my new ministering certificate thing soon and that should have my end date on it.

Don't worry about not emailing me last week.  That hand written letter was all I needed.  As well as the official call from one of the twelve.  Once President called to tell me about my assignment I knew that I was where I needed to be.

I just wrote my last email to Pres. Weston.  We are having a zone conference this week to meet our new President and his wife. I don't envy them taking over an entire mission so quickly.  Apparently he, Pres. Gardner, only has a few hours with Pres. Weston before he leaves.  This should be interesting.

Mom, when did you serve your mission?  I was over at the V's house last night.  He served in Chile.  He might have been there while you were.  He talked about nearly getting bombed during that unrest over the one dictator dude (I'm not going to try to spell his name).  Weren't you there for that?

We have so much food.  People keep feeding us and giving us groceries.  The other day we were given a couple of cakes by one of the members and then a potential investigator gave a whole box of food.  Our teeth are going to rot out of our skulls from all of the sugar we've consumed lately.

I'm going to end now and write you some more if I still have time after writing Emily.
Elder Stapley
(another email)

I'll write a few more thoughts.
Yesterday we talked about the talk by Elder Anderson of the Seventy, The Music of the Gospel, three different times.  Someone gave a talk based on it in Sacrament meeting, then we had it in Priesthood and then we talked about it at a member's house that night.  As a family they go through a talk from the recent General Conference once a week and it just so happened that they were at that talk this week.  I know that the youth went over it in the recent youth conference as well.  I guess that topic something we really need to work on.  Have you been getting that a lot too?

I just sent Emily an email.  I'm pretty sure there is only one Sister Emily Stapley right?

I haven't found out if the wifi cameras are actually allowed or not.  I don't really need one anyway.  I don't take enough pictures.
Love you,
Elder Stapley

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