Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Hello Parents,
Thanks for the pictures.  I just haven't had my camera with me to take any for you.  I will try harder.
I have stayed put but Elder Madsen transferred out.  My new companion is Elder Nockai.  He is pure Navajo and is from Las Vegas.  He seems pretty chill and is actually newer to this mission than I am.  We just absorbed a part of the mission north of us and he got absorbed with it.  He has already been good to have around.  People love to talk to him about Native American stuff and it has been great for breaking down barriers.  We also got a Kuren Elder in the other ward.  There are a ton of Kuren (I don't know how that's spelled) people here in Omaha.  They are refugees from Burma.  They are ethnically distinct from the rest of the country so the Burman people have been killing them.  They have been quite receptive but unfortunately are mostly in the other area.  With Elder Zaw here now we are seeing visions of a Kuren branch being created.
As for package ideas I wouldn't mind some thicker socks.  The ones I usually get keep sliding down my foot and getting twisted.  I can't think of anything else though.
I was just thinking about whether that car was still running.  Bummer.

Thank you for writing such long letters. They aren't boring at all.  I'm sorry mine are so short.  Today the computers haven't been working well so we'll have to cut our time short.  Sorry.  I'll write more next week.
Love you,
Elder Stapley

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