Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

Hey Parents,

Transfers are this week.  We don't think either of us are going anywhere but we have a new mission president so who knows.

I got the package this week.  Thanks for the letter as well. 

I would be good with you printing off Emily's letter to send to me.  It would give me more time to think about what I would write back.  I did write her a letter last week.  She has Bro. Cambell as a teacher!  I had his older brother as a teacher.  When I got to Korea Elder Cambell was one of the trainers and I got paired with him for part of the proselyting exercise.  She also gets to hang out with President and Sister Gilbert.

We had a pretty good 4th.  We were invited to a luau for lunch and then a members house for dinner and fireworks.  We have a massive Tongan family that in our ward.  Between the two parents they have a total of seventeen kids plus grandkids.  Most of them aren't here in the area but they still take up at least one whole pew at church and I've seen them fill a row and a half one week.  They are way cool.  They invited us to a luau at one of the parks for their sons birthday.  They had two roast pigs as well as a mess of hamburgers and hotdogs and steaks and chicken.  They had one of those massive coolers filled up with a watermelon drink which they promised would be gone by the time they were done.  Before we left the kids all got up and danced for us.  They did a few poly dances and the haka.  It was pretty funny seeing those shirtless preteen boys get up and do the haka.  They were actually pretty good.  It was a lot of fun.

Sorry I don't have much time this week.  I love you,
Elder Stapley

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