Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 28, 2013

Anyoung Haseyo,
Sorry I didn't send this earlier but we have been super busy.  I'm writing this after class.  I don't even know if that is allowed.  No one told me.  I never got the passport holder.  I did turn in my visa stuff though.  I saw Will.  He seems to be cool here.  The Salina missionaries will have to get a picture next to the big world map.  I'll send it along when it happens.  When does Essen come in?  
The plague seems to be winding down.  We already had a ton of hand sanitizer thing all over the place.  Also today was the last day we had to go to the temple.  It is closing for cleaning:(.  I got to do sealings though.  It was really cool.  Our Sealer took a lot of time to explain everything to us and I learned a lot about the temple.  There was one Sister from Colombia doing work for her mother.  It was awesome to be there.
I'm so glad that Emily is able to go out with the missionaries.  Emily, take the time now to learn how they teach and study PMG, all of it.  During the missionary broadcast all I could think about was how bad a member missionary I was.  I felt like I was a good example and talked a lot about the church but I wasn't very effective.  PMG is really good at teaching how to teach.  I wish I had born testimony more and taught the important doctrines when I had a chance.  Practice being a missionary now.  Try to teach actual principles.  It doesn't have to be wierd or missionary-y but I had opportunities all the time when I could have invited the Spirit, taught a principle and born testimony just in class with my friends.  You're probably already doing this and it was just me wasting my opportunities but at least pray and study how you can improve.  Padres, I don't know If you have read PMG.  I know you've been missionaries already and were amazing at sharing the gospel but you might want to look it over.  I have a great testimony of it's inspired-ness and helpfulness.
I didn't take any pictures this week except the time we walked into class and found our teachers in street clothes.  You're welcome to them.  I'll also include one of me writing this letter.  You're welcome to send me pictures too you know.
Sorry for the short letter but I have to be getting back.
I love you and am missing you,
Stapley Chang-no
Oh never mind about the pictures they aren't working on this computer.  I did try though.  I'll get them next week.

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