Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 7, 2013

I definitely don't sing in the morning at all. (This was a response to me asking him if he started each day singing “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”?)   I hate mornings.  I had hoped that I would get used to the schedule by now but I haven't.  For the first time in my life eight hours isn't enough sleep.  I am really tired and we won't have an opportunity to catch up on sleep, ever.  Sorry to start out my letter sounding grumpy but I still haven't woken up. 

We do get devotionals twice a week and I've joined the choir that performs in the Tuesday session.  I got here just in time.  They told us Tuesday that there is going to be a world-wide broadcast in a few weeks with the entire Quorum of the Twelve and the First Presidency.  And I get to sing in it!  I think it's sort of a missionary themed pep rally for the Bishops and Stake Presidents so you might not be able to see it.  My companion and most of my district don't like to sing though and we aren't allowed to play any music while we're here.  I really miss music.  If we sing in class it is in Korean and that’s not nearly as much fun.  At least the showers have good acoustics.  Can you possibly forward Kelsey's emails to me? 

My companion is from Boise.  He was actually raised speaking Japanese.  There are a surprising number of half Japanese missionaries to Korea.  Almost all the missionaries speak another language.  Every week is new record for the number of missionaries entering the MTC.  This last group had 200 more than mine did.  There are so many of us that we actually maxed out the Provo Temple for the first time in forever.  When are the Shurtleff’s entering the MTC?  Oh and I need Pres. Knapp's email address.  My mission pres. wants it.  There are so many people from my ward here.  It is really cool seeing all of them all the time. 

I found out why Korean is so hard.  There are an uncountable number of grammar forms.  We'll have to master 40 of them before we get to Korea.  My schedule is way busy.  We've been teaching a lesson in Korean almost every day.  It's really stressful and I'm not learning very much because we're so focused on writing these lessons out. 

I am writing in my journal quite a bit and I now have an actual testimony of the practice.  Writing my thoughts out at night is a really good way to think about the things that I did during the day.  I learn a lot and receive revelation about certain things every time I write.  It is really good to do before I say my prayers because gives me things to talk about and ask God.
I am enjoying this experience.  Love you.

Stapley chang-no

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