Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21, 2013

I have been here for three whole weeks now.  I have in fact managed to get a haircut but I have to get another before we leave.  I just got some of your dear elders from earlier in the month.  They didn't have the right number on them so that's why I didn't answer any of those questions in my emails.  It's funny you got those pictures.  The ones in my apartment at BYU were taken without my knowledge.  I didn't find them until I got here.  The guys in those pics are actually here now.  I have some more pictures for you.  Most of them are of what we do in our free time in the classroom.  There is also a picture with my favorite outgoing missionary.  I'll try to get some more from temple walk and the devotional on Sunday.

We got to teach and be taught by some of the outgoing Elders.  It was really encouraging because even though we didn't understand everything we definitely felt the spirit a ton and it was awesome.  They left this week and we got a new batch on Wednesday.  I have become much more spiritually aware and have been able to develop a much closer relationship with God.  I have also become obsessed with the scriptures to the point that I just want to read them all day.  I'm probably focusing on them at the expense of my language study though.

Happy Father's Day, Father.  I was going to include something last email but ran out of time.  Hope it was good.  Sorry you got sick though.  Speaking of which, we are apparently sinners in need of punishment because we have been struck with the plagues.  Plural.  Colds, headaches, hurling, random rashes, infections and spontaneous nosebleeds.  The bathroom on our floor resembles a midieval hospital with people kneeling by the toilets, leaning against the walls with vacant expressions and washing up blood by the sinks.  We have recieved official instructions to not shake anyone's hand.  So far I've just had a cough.  I'm righteous.  Doesn't Will come in soon?  Warn him to repent or be struck down.
Korean is getting easier.  I can understand most of what is said in the classroom and can answer our investigator's questions.  I fear I'm offending the english speakers when they ask me a question.  Yes in Korean is nea which sounds like nay which causes confusion.  "It's the MTC.  We're all trustworthy here right?"  "Nea."  We keep swearing when we practice chinese numbers but our teacher won't tell us how.  Just to be careful with emphasis on numbers 3,7 and8.  Great.  

Ah I'm out of time.  Love you,

Stapley chang-no

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