Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013

Anyung Haseyo,

Don't worry about the camera cord they sell them at the bookstore here.  Don't worry about the cd either.  I'll send you requests once I know what I'm allowed. 

Today I got to go and get a money order to pay for my passport.  We were driven to Smith's and went in for the order.  It was cool walking in there with our tags on.  Everyone was super nice and a mother started talking to her children about missionary work.  It will be different in Korea. 

The foreign language part of my brain has kicked in.  Interestingly it’s not just Korean.  I found a paper with a bunch of Spanish sentences and I was able to understand almost all of it (Dad, insert Spanish joke here).  I still can't do that in Korean.  I feel like I'm finally getting the language down.  I can come up with semi-complex sentences on the fly now.  They seem to pick Korean missionaries because they have studied other languages.  In my district there are multiple people fluent in a second language.  We have lots of Spanish as well as Portuguese, Greek, French, German and Japanese. 

We are teaching a couple of "investigators" almost daily and we have TRC tonight.  There are rumors that they might have us skype people in Korea to teach, possibly some real investigators.  I'm kinda scared for that.  I can speak Hangulmar but I can't understand it very well yet.  

Have you guys talked about the broadcast on the 23rd?  Some people are saying that they are going to make a huge announcement but they've only told us that it is a leadership training for everyone involved with missionary work.  I bet you guys can see it.  They are going to post it to afterwards.  You might be able to see me with the choir. 

I'm getting really excited to get to Korea.  We have a district of natives here and they are the coolest people ever.  And the food is no longer tasty here.  The MTC is so full right now.  Everything is falling apart or is too full and they are too swamped to fix everything. 

I've gotten into a schedule now and each day is actually going at a normal pace.  The first week and a half everyday felt like ten.  I was wondering if it was some sort of miracle to enable us to cram more stuff into our brains.  I ran into Zac Saueressig.  It is great how many people I know are here. 

My favorite part of the week is definitely Devotionals.  We get a devotional on Sunday and Tuesday.  The speakers are always amazing and I get to sing with the choir.  I'm sorry this wasn't a great email but we ran out of time.

Stapley changno.

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