Monday, June 3, 2013

May 31, 2013

Anyoung Haseyo (I'm guessing at the Roman spelling),

-My p-day is Friday!  First off,  I'm loving the MTC.  We're really busy and I don't have enough time in the day but it is still great.  Maybe I just like being productive for once.  My comp is great.  Elder Luke is very similar to me.  Doesn't talk much and not athletic.  Works out great.  Interestingly he is half Japanese and speaks that language.  Kinda wierd that he's going to Korea.  I'm crammed in a four person room with 5 other Elders but it works.  The bathroom isn't nearly big enough though.  We have 9 showers that we can use and another without a curtain that was introduced to us as the Glory Shower.  I haven't met any one I dislike yet.  It is so cool seeing so many people I know here.  Lots of friends from BYU. 

-I'm already learning quite a bit of Korean and teach my first lesson in it tonight.  It's easier than I thought.  What do the Spanish missionaries do for six weeks?

-I received both Dear Elders.  Thanks.  It was cool getting those. 

-Last night I had my first "Wow, God is helping me out" moment.  We had been trying to find a way to teach someone the idea that God has a body and Genesis wasn't cutting it.  I was worrying about how little I knew about the Bible when I got into bed and opened my scriptures.  They opened to Hebrews 1 which talks about Christ being in the image of God the Father.  I still want to get to know the Bible better but I know that God will help me to overcome any weaknesses that I have.  This on my 2nd day!  I'm a missionary! 

-The food is great. 

-I'm getting more excited about Korea.  The natives I've met are so great.  Apparently they have a pork product that is to bacon like the gospel is to other churches.  I'll believe it when I taste it.

Love you tons,

Stapley 창 로 (Chang-ro, I think that's Elder)

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