Monday, April 4, 2016

March 28, 2016


I have been transferred!  I am in Sioux Falls now and I am in a trio.  My companions are Elder Johnson and Elder Roos.  They are great!

We have been pretty busy since I got here.  There is a recent convert couple we are working with.  We also have an African family we visit and teach one of their sons.  They are so cool!  Their oldest son converted a little while ago and is out on a mission right now.  The mom speaks okay English but the Dad doesn't speak any at all.  Although we realized this week that he understands more than anyone realized.  We were talking about commandments and he really got into it.  He was respectful and happy which is very encouraging.

There is another family we are meeting with.  Their oldest son was quite interested and now the rest of the family are also being taught. They came to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and ate Easter dinner with our ward mission leader's family yesterday.  The mom can recognize that we are a positive influence in her son's life and is much more open.
There is also a part member family that we are really excited about.  The oldest daughter wants to be baptized and the mother is just inches away from committing to baptism herself.  They are perfect.  I was talking to them for a good ten minutes before I realized that they weren't all baptized.  The plan is for the dad to baptize his wife and daughter together.

We have an outstanding ward mission leader here.  He spends so much time and effort trying to help us and our investigators.  He truly befriends the people we work with and is probably the main reason we are making so much progress right now.  We have talked to him a lot since I got here and each time he has almost as much to report to us from his own efforts as we have to report to him.

It has been really cold and snowy up here.  I don't like it.  Actually I suppose the snow gave us some good service opportunities.  We went out shoveling a couple times.  It was really good.

Mom would like Elder Johnson.  He is from Idaho and refers to that fact frequently.

Love you, 
Elder Stapley

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