Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

Dear Parents,

Hmm.  I look so happy in those pictures.  President Snyder had a fireside at his house last night since the Nashville Tribute band was going to be in the area.  They called us up to sing one of their songs about missionary work.
I don't think I told you about "T" last week.  We were meeting with a member in the community room in her apartment building and she started telling us about a friend she gave a Book of Mormon to.  Right then her friend walked into the room.  That coincidence caught our attention pretty quick and we invited her over to join us.  We taught her about the Restoration and asked her to be baptized.  She said yes!  We have met with her a few more times since then and on Sunday she came to church even though she was feeling pretty sick.

We were out tracting one day and felt like we need to start by talking with a couple of women on their porch.  One of the women left pretty quick but the other actually started talking with us.  We testified to her of the Restoration of the Gospel.  She felt the Spirit and started crying!  She said that she had prayed to get her life back on track and she knew that we were an answer to her prayers.  Way cool!

We then went and found a family who all came to church!  They didn't stay for all of it but the mom is very sincere about finding the truth.  In addition to bringing her family to church she read more than her assignment from the Book of Mormon!

We also found a Hindu family with a mom and two small kids.  It was a rough first lesson since we weren't sure how to relate to what she believes.  We were able to talk to her about faith and a little about the Plan of Salvation.  We should be able to see her again this week.  I love meeting all these foreigners.
Can't wait to talk to you on Mother's Day.

Elder Stapley

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