Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

Dear Parents,

We had an interesting lesson last night.  We were meeting with that family with a son on a mission.  It is difficult to teach them because the parents aren't very good at English.  Usually the kids translate for them.  Some parts of the lesson the kids and parents are just going back and forth and we are just silent as the the kids try to explain what we said.  We can't tell if the kids are even explaining correctly and we just sort of pray for their understanding to be enlightened.  Yesterday in the middle of the lesson the mom suddenly asked us if Joseph Smith had an experience like Jesus did as he performed the Atonement.  Hmm, that is more off the wall than is typical.  Come to find out the parents thought we worship Joseph Smith instead of Christ.  We've only been meeting with them for 7 weeks.  I have know idea what the kids were translating all this time but it was pretty cool that when the mom brought up her concern the kids were almost as dismayed as we were and answered before we could.  They got excited when they realized that we follow Christ just like they did and the Book of Mormon teaches about Christ.  They said that since they know that now they will definitely read it.  Wow. That was easy.

I did get a new suit last month.  Only took me about three months to finally get around to it. 

We committed "D" to keep the Word of Wisdom.  He loves coffee and was not excited to give it up but before we could ask him if he would keep it he just asked if keeping it would help him get his answer.  "Heck yeah it will."  "Okay, I'll do it."  Dude's got some real intent if I ever saw it.  That was such a good lesson.

"D" has been meeting with the missionaries for about as long as the family but he has progressed so much more.  Instead of hiding his concerns and doubts he hasn't been afraid to tell us when he has a problem.  So many miss out on the truth or lose their testimonies because they hide their concerns.  An honest seeker of truth is willing to humble themselves and admit when they don't understand something.  Furthermore they are willing to use all their resources (missionaries, prayer, scripture, church...) to find that truth.
I get to talk to you in a month.  Love you.

Elder Stapley

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