Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

(Tristan's emails generally are a response to our questions.  Hope it makes sense!)
Hey Family,
I have no idea yet how Christmas calls are going to work.  It is strange that they haven't made an announcement yet.  Of course that has us speculating that we will get ipads and can use them to call home or something.  Unlikely.  We will have our Christmas zone conference tomorrow and will probably find out then how calling home will work.

I got a package from Orem today.  I haven't opened it.  I'm excited.
I should be here for one more transfer.  I did the math and that will give me three transfers in my last area. 

What Elder Poole would really like for Christmas is a motorcycle.  As far as things that will actually happen I'm not sure.  Missionaries are always on the lookout for missionary clothing and accessories, we spent a fair amount of time looking at cool pens recently.  

The Korean shrimp chips you sent are great.  I prefer the spicy kind but have never been able to find them in America.

Things are so slow here right now.  We are dropping a lot of the people we have been working with.  They just aren't progressing and see the missionaries as just friends.  It will be an act of faith since we don't have anyone promising to replace them with and will be doing a lot of finding for the next little bit.  We do have a really cool Vietnamese family but they are difficult to teach.  Only a couple of them speak any English and we have no Vietnamese material.  The mission office is supposed to get us some but we have no idea when we will get any of it.

I have been getting some pretty crazy migraines the past couple weeks; please pray for us and that we can find a family to teach who is prepared to receive the gospel.  We need some miracles to get this area where it needs to be.  There are going to some areas closed this transfer and I worry that ours will be one of them.  Especially with us dropping everyone.

One thing that I learned very early in my mission was how to rely on God.  That is something that Elder Poole and I have had to relearn this transfer.  Just like the children of Israel were literally given daily bread while in the wilderness, God will give us what we need in the moment that we need it.  Whether we need help to endure a trial or something more tangible God will bless us with enough and to spare.  We need to keep our focus on what God's will is for the moment.  We can deal with any challenge if we do it just one step at a time. God can bless our efforts and we will see miracles.

Could you forward this to Emily? Thanks, I love you.
Elder Stapley


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