Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 5, 2015

Dear Parents,

I did get transferred.  I am actually in Yankton South Dakota.   I am sad that I got transferred so soon.  I have never been in an area for more than three transfers.  J and K are still doing great and seemed well prepared for their baptism.  I really hope everything goes well with them.  I've heard of the elder that took my place and he is supposed to be a really good missionary.  Thank goodness.  

My new area is out in the country.  I figured I was due for a rural area next.  We cover a massive area and the branch members are quite spread out.  Our branch president is an hour away!  We do have a Walmart though.  
There are a number of progressing investigators and one baptism planned for November.  The investigator getting baptized is named A.  She is blind and the ward has been really good at helping her out and she is really excited for her baptism.  I still haven't met too many of the people we work with but I was able to see J, a recent convert, a few times.  At first he was still a bit unsure and worried because of his doubts but just in the last few days has had a numbered of great spiritual experiences that confirmed to him that he is on the right path.  We had a really good discussion with him before conference that went a completely different direction than we had planned and was exactly what he needed.  Then he watched all five sessions of conference and was completely blown away!  Those talks could have been specifically for him.  Even better, he clearly felt the Spirit speaking to him and telling him things that weren't even talked about.  After conference he talked to us about some things that we had felt he needed and were planning on teaching him in a future lesson; I guess we don't need to anymore.  The hand of God has been so apparent in his life, guiding him to the Gospel.

My new companion is Elder Hunt from Logan.  He was just barely trained and is a great missionary.  He is straight out of high school, likes running (might be a problem), and computers.  We have more in common than any of my companions so far and we should have a blast this transfer.  The apartment is a pit but we have nothing to do on p-day so we should be able to get it in shape in no time.  We are in the Sioux City zone and will have to drive in a few time times this transfer which will obliterate our miles.

We are also working with a Hungarian guy named T.  He is pretty funny and struggling with the Word of Wisdom.  Back to Tibor: He had on his own decided that he needed to quit alcohol, coffee and tobacco before we could even teach him the Word of Wisdom.  He still isn't sure that God exists but is definitely being guided.

I need to get off.  Love you.

Elder Stapley

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