Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

A will get baptized on Saturday!  We felt like she was ready so we moved her date up.  She knows everything already.  Yesterday we tried to teach her about the priesthood and she just starting talking about the two priesthoods and their responsibilities and offices.  Turns out she had read all of the gospel principles book and even the white handbook.  She has started on handbook 2 even.

Most of our investigators have been meeting with missionaries for a long time and aren't really progressing.  We are really trying to switch things up to get them to do things.  We have completely changed the way we keep record and plan so that we can more easily record and respond to revelation about each individual person.  We have our record in the truck and right after the lesson we write down how it went and our thoughts on what they need while it is fresh in our minds.  We aren't busy enough to be dropping people yet but as we build up our potential pool we might get to where we need to.

Eternigator number one: T was drunk last night.  The natural man was clearly in control right then.  He point blank refused to throw his remaining beer away and to read his scriptures.  He said he would read and go to AA in the morning but wasn't willing to do anything right then.  I was pretty dang bold with him about what he needed to do and I worry that I pushed him too hard.  He was not happy with me.  I tried to show my love for him throughout the lesson and just hope that he felt it.

Eternigator number two: S has been too busy to meet with us at all this last week.  She hasn't even responded to our texts or calls.  Most likely she just broke her phone again we still worry about it.

We don't seem to be making any real progress anywhere no matter how hard we try to be worthy of teaching God's prepared people.  We are being obedient and pushing ourselves.  We work hard but can't really seem to find any one that is willing to do anything.  
Sorry for venting my frustrations.  I know that things will work out eventually if we are patient,
I love you, 
Elder Stapley

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