Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Dear Fam,
I am really liking Yankton.  It is smaller and harder to go out finding but the people are nice and we are actually fairly busy.  It is also going to be colder in the winter.  I had one wish if I had to transfer and it was that I not go to South Dakota for that exact reason.  Oh well.  At least we have a truck.

We won't be having any baptisms this month but are optimistic for a couple of our investigators.  A will definitely make her date.  We are also hoping to set a woman named S.  She just got back from a trip to Utah visiting some family there and she actually visited with one of the Seventy who apparently talked to her about joining the church.  She has already received a witness that it is true.  The problem is that she can't keep appointments.  We have set up an appointment every two days since I got here and she has missed all of them. We're really frustrated.

Also hoping to set C.  He came to a baptism and has even paid tithing despite never actually getting any of the lessons or coming to church.  He keeps cancelling appointments too though.

T got out of rehab and came to church this week!  It was his first time ever.  I was worried because the meetings were sort of... ehh (small branch with some really interesting people) but he said that he would be back next week.  Still won't admit to a belief in God but he is doing all the things he needs to get one.

Sorry to hear about Nathan but I will frankly admit to finding a great deal of amusement in that email.  Besides the knee, how is he doing?

It is so cool to be able to hear so much about what Emily is doing.  I am so jealous of her.  It sounds like she has done more cool things in one transfer than I did in five.

Thanks for sending me that devotional.  You know how God arranges things so that we learn specific lessons at specific times?  It takes us a little while to really understand some concepts so He leads us along, teaching us bit by bit.  I have been focusing on the importance of questions in receiving revelation for the last couple of weeks.  I started looking at how to improve in helping people with questions.  Then we had a training on that topic, and then another training, and then I got that devotional from you with the part about questions highlighted.  Its amazing to see God's hand like that.  

So often the reason that people don't progress in the Gospel is because they aren't asking questions.  Really what missionaries do is we teach people to ask questions and teach how to find an answer.  In the meantime we rely on revelation from heaven to do our job effectively and also need to make sure that we are always asking questions.  We don't have to worry if we do have questions; questions aren't the same thing as doubts.  Rather, our questions give our prayers and studies purpose.  When we find the answer to our question then our faith and testimony grow and we are ready for the next question. 
Love you,
Elder Stapley

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