Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Hola Familia!
It's already the last week of the transfer. I don't expect a change at all here but you never know.

We got to go to the temple on Friday.  It was great.  Pres. and Sister Gardner came and we all got to hang out a bit afterwards.  It was a bit bittersweet saying goodbye to some of the Elders leaving for home this week though.

Did you get the picture of us in front of the liquor store?  We were walking along and the people working there saw us and waved us over.  We wouldn't go in so they came out and talked to us a bit.  They were trying to  convince us that Jesus liked wine (water into wine was one of his first miracles after all) and we could come into the store and talk with them.  I was uncomfortable the entire time because we were standing at the door of this liquor store along the main street to the temple.  Sure enough we walk into ward council on Sunday and the Bishopric is laughing at something on Bro. B's phone.  He had seen us and driven around the block a second time to snap a picture.  During church the Bishop kept talking about what a great job we were doing at talking to everyone and the ward council would all quietly snicker at us.  I asked Bro. B to send the picture to you, thought you'd enjoy it.

So we've been working hard on talking to a lot more people and we've sure met some interesting ones this last week.  A lot of people just wanted money for "milk", or "gas", while swearing cause they misplaced their id.  Why do you need an id to buy milk?  One lady came up to us in McDonald's and started asking for money for food and the bus.  We talked to her for a little bit.  She told us how she heard evil voices that wouldn't leave her alone and that everyone was out to get her.  She knew she needed help spiritually but refused to actually do anything about it.  She wouldn't even take a Book of Mormon unless we bought her a tablet that she could read it on.  We couldn't really do anything for her.  Mom talked about how I can see the potential in others but I sure do get frustrated when people are so stupid that they won't even take the iron rod right in front of them.  This lady had even said that prayer had made the voices go away but she gave up on it because it didn't permanently fix the problem.  I'm grateful that God is patient with us but I can't comprehend how he does it.

We did have a number of really good experiences too, miraculous even.  We got a feeling to talk cross the street and talk to some people out on their porch.  It turns out that the man whose house it was had just lost his wife.  He was having a crisis of faith and his friends had come over to try to comfort him.  One of the guys was a deacon in another church and had been really worried about coming over there because there were a bunch of other people over that were bad influences.  He prayed for help and the bad friends left and we showed up.  We shared a message and honestly we don't even remember what we said but the spirit was present and we know the guy felt it.  He didn't really respond but we hope that he remembered how it felt. 

Just yesterday we ran into a lady who was initially really suspicious of us but eventually admitted that she was raised in the church.  She started crying and told us how the church had played a role in her early life.  It was heartbreaking to see how her life had turned out because she had let go of the iron rod and wandered off.  It seems her husband doesn't like the church but she wanted to stay in contact with us at least.  I hope we are able to help her out.

I'm out of time already.  I wanted to include something spiritual but I guess I'll get it in next week. You got more stories than usual at least.
Love you,
Elder Stapley

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