Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Hey Parents,

Happy late birthday Dad.  Hope it was good.  Did you get anything fun?

It looks like Emily got thrown right into the thick of it.  When I first got there I was with a bunch of Americans and a few Koreans that spoke good English.  It seemed like I spoke more English than Korean.  I wanted to eat a lot of Korean food but for the first couple of weeks we had all American or Chinese food.  Good to hear that she is good with the food already.

We have had a really good week.  We tracted a lot, met an old drunk who was evidently Black Jesus in disguise, and saw a bunch of miracles.  We were always in just the right place at the right time to run into people who were looking or in need of help.  God has been guiding us and preparing people for us to at least plant a seed.  We are hoping for a record number of new investigators this week.

Satan has been hard at work as well though.  We haven't encountered many antis much until this last week.  I had to restrain myself a number of times to not get into a Bible bash with them.  J and K are having a hard time as well.  They are still doing all the things they need to progress but everything seems to be going wrong for them all of a sudden.  They are having a hard time with health and finances and work and are very stressed.  They are bearing it with patience though and still study and ask amazing, insightful questions.

We had a Zone conference this last week.  I saw Elder Jones there.  He told me that the Syrians we found on my last day in Mahoney are progressing amazingly, coming to church and feeding the missionaries good Arabic food.  I knew it!  I knew they would be awesome!  I'm really sad I missed teaching them.

As we have worked with people who are trying to change their life I am amazed at how blessed we are.  I was born to goodly parents who love the Lord and spared no pains in instructing us and teaching us to love God and come to Christ.  I have avoided so many of the dangers that are so common and destructive.  It has been awesome to talk with J especially as he talks about the things he has done and overcome.  He is a good Christian man who devotes so much of his time to helping others and bettering himself.  He is honest and genuine.  This change came as he gave himself over to God.  The man is a real life Jean Valjean.  The power of the Atonement is real and strong.  We can overcome every sin regardless of how large or small it is.  We can be perfect in Christ!

Love you all,

Elder Stapley

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