Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Seung-Hyun wasn't able to get baptized.  He had his interview and passed just fine but wasn't able to get permission from his parents.  I really think he can get it soon though.  I'm going to keep praying.  They said they would think about it.  We had Seung-Hyun give them some family pamphlets and church material.  I bet they come around. 

Unfortunately I probably won't see the baptism.  I'm writing from Busan right now.  I got transferred!  My new companion is Elder Nielsen.  He was in my district when I first got here.  He's from Texas and played the violin at BYU.  President doesn't like leaving missionaries in their training area for long.  I worry that Elder Jo didn't have enough time to develop good relationships with the people yet but there isn't anything I can do now.

My new area is Soojung (the romanization of that isn't right but that's how it's pronounced).  It is in Busan and we have a Costco in our district!  There is a team of Sisters here as well.  Sister Taylor and Sister Hingano from my last district transferred here as well.  It is a fairly big area and it's in the city so there is a lot of stuff.  

I did get a copy of the conference edition today.  I've been waiting forward to that more than Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I was able to eat a sorta Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.  We had a party at the church and had a bunch of investigators over.  No turkey but we had fried chicken from a restaurant and the Sisters made stuffing and mashed potatoes.  I was able to make an apple pie and a sort of chocolate pie.  I used the pudding I got in the package from G&G Stapley in the chocolate pie.  The Koreans loved the chocolate but had problems with the crust on the apple pie.  It was hard for them to swallow (that's to be taken literally).

Are there any Jacquiers in Manhattan?  I was talking to an Elder Richardson and he has family in Manhattan.

I don't know yet how calling home is going to work.  President is trying to get permission for us to Skype but that hasn't happened in the past.

I'll try to send some more pictures next week.  There is just one computer that sends pictures here and it's busy.

Love you!

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