Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Me, reclining, in front of a cool gate
Gnarly Buddhist Pavilion thing.  It is supposed to be one of the best in Korea.

View from the pavilion

Me, in front of a cool gate

Cool picture on the cool gate
The view from our apartment

I'm so sorry I didn't email last week.  I had hoped that we would have a lot of time to spend on the computer that day but then our plans changed last minute.  One of the missionaries is going home next transfer and we had a zone p-day and climbed a mountain.  We got permission to leave early so we could shop and email but your email hadn't come yet.  I wrote some other emails and got my companion to promise that we would have time later.  We didn't.  There were problems getting back to our area and we couldn't write without breaking rules. I got some cool pictures though.

We do get typhoons here but they aren't anything to be worried about.  The Koreans like to predict typhoons a few times a month that never actually happen.  "Why can't you meet us Saturday?" "Because of the typhoon."  One day we actually got hit but it was super disappointing.  I had found myself missing real storms like in the Midwest and really wanted to be out for the typhoon.  We were.  It wasn't even as good as a thunderstorm.  I guess a few years ago they had one that the missionaries had to stay inside for but that's about it.

We usually teach a few lessons on the weekends but Koreans are too busy the rest of the week to meet usually. We are getting better at teaching lessons on the street.  We can sometimes get one of those a week. That's it.  Some Korean missionaries dislike watching The District DVDs because their stats are so much higher than ours.

Excellent news!  Seung-Hyun is going to get baptized this Saturday!  We practiced for the interview yesterday and he was super confident.  He gets interviewed this Wednesday. We really wanted him to get baptized with his friend Meen-Gwan but we're losing hope that he will actually get baptized so we're just going to go ahead.  Our church building is under construction so we're going to have to go into 창완 for the baptism.  This is perfect timing for me.  I'm probably going to leave the Monday after.

Our two-story church building is getting an elevator.  That's why we are under construction.  The bathrooms will be unusable for the next several weeks.  I sure hope I transfer.

It's not worth it to send a monster package.  I found out you can send by boat and it's cheaper but it takes forever.  Next year that's how I'm going to send you a Christmas package. Sorry but I won't be able to send one this year.  Expect a large letter.  We can't get cheap beef so taco seasoning wouldn't help much.  I have no problems staying warm here. We have some gnarly floor heaters that run through the night.  So I don't really need a blanket.  I remembered I brought my robe anyway:)

I found a note from Mom in my coat pocket last week.  It made me really happy.  It was about your favorite scripture.

I can access but only on p-day.  If you have good talks to send me I would love them.  I'm sorry that my letters aren't as spiritual.  I am getting less and less time.  I hope to get caught up soon so I can put thought into these.  I'm going to try to write some more in response to the emails I missed.

Elder Stapley
P.S.  A few weeks late I'm going to finish responding to a question in one of your emails.  Bak Hee-Sung is the same as ever.  He isn't making any progress and I still can't understand a word he says.  We try to show our love for him but there isn't much more we can do.  We are cutting back on how often we visit him because of that.

Funny story.  We found a bottle of honey for super cheap in the store.  We have know idea why it was cheap but we bought 900 grams of the stuff.  I was so excited and my companion was excited too but then he got this confused look on his face.  "How do you eat it?"  "You put it on toast or cook with it." "Oh." He went right back to being excited.  I guess he wrote his family about the honey and they did a bunch of research about it.  He is talking about all the health benefits right now.  Now he's got an idea that its some kind of super food.

An English question.  What nouns need the/a in front of them.  Sometimes you don't use either.

Okay so there wasn't that much to talk about here.  Have another picture. This is the view from our apartment.
Love, Elder Stapley

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