Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

Dear Parents,

I’ve been transferred.  I am in the Loess Hills YSA Ward in Council Bluffs.  The work is pretty slow right now but our mission president really wants to get it back on track.  One of the AP's served here and President is going to send him over every once in a while so we can use his expertise.  My new companion is Elder McKee.  He has been out a few transfers less than me.  He's from Utah.

I was very warmly welcomed and the Bishopric seems really solid.  One of the big problems is that most of our people are very spread out and we don't have enough miles to visit everyone that we want to.  Fortunately the members are willing to give us rides a lot of the time.  It's nice to be back in the city again where there are more people to work with and to be further south.

We only had one solid investigator to start with but yesterday one of the less actives who hadn't been to church in a while came by and brought his girlfriend who was a nonmember.  He bore testimony about how he regained his testimony and how he and his girlfriend wanted to get back to church.  We should be able to meet with them this week and start teaching them.

It looks like we will be focusing on less active work for the next little bit.  We have been asked to not just visit the members in our ward but also all of the YSA's in the stake.  We are going to be working with the leadership in every unit in the stake.  We have a lot that we need to do but in order to be effective we need the members.  We are going to need to start changing the attitude of the ward so that we can get the help we need.  Things might be a little slow for a while but should pick up.  Historically this area is really productive. 

Sorry for the short email. Love you,
Elder Stapley

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