Friday, February 5, 2016

February 1, 2016

Dear Parents,
We were sick here too.  Actually I wasn't that bad, my stomach just hurt for a couple of days but my companion was still having a lot of stomach problems.  

Curry sounds really good.

Chemo doesn't.

We had the cookie challenge.  Hazelnut extract worked well.

The neighboring area has been closed to missionaries since I arrived but recently the office has been getting referrals for it.  We got permission this last week to contact the referrals and work a bit with the members.  It seems like a really good area.  Last week they had a convert baptism all on their own and the referrals we met were so solid.  They were genuinely interested in the Book of Mormon.  It works out perfectly because we might be the only set with too many miles to use up.  We can actually afford to spend time outside our area.  I'm pretty sure it won't continue though.  With so much work being done without the full time missionaries I'm sure the area will open up  and get missionaries soon.

I liked your spiritual thought in your email to me.  One thing we have been realizing as we work with people is that if we expect them to not progress they probably won't.  I find myself asking people to do things but not actually expecting them to follow through.  If we earnestly expect progress the people are more likely to feel our hope and respond.  Having a perfect brightness of hope isn't just looking forward to our eternal reward but it is an act of faith that produces immediate results.  Pretty cool.

Love you, 
Elder Stapley

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