Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 16, 2015

Hey family,
I'm sorry I don't have much time today.  We have a pretty busy week, which is great but we didn't have a solid p-day when we could prepare for it.  We have Zone conference tomorrow and a temple trip on Friday!

We just saw D today.  He is black and French and awesome.  We set him for baptism next month and gave him a French Book of Mormon.  He speaks great English and seems genuinely interested in learning more.  We invited him to ultimate frisbee tonight and he is planning on coming.  He mentioned that he has a friend who used to come to our church who he might come with.  We are so excited for him to get involved with the ward.

Thanks for the gifts. The food was a really good idea.

We are working on getting a solid core of missionary minded members that we can start building up the ward with.  We figured that was the best way to overcome the mistrust of missionaries in the ward.

Our apartment is tiny and old.  I'm hoping we get a new place.  I'll send pics next week.  Sorry again but I'm out of time.

Love you,
Elder Stapley

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