Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Dear Fam,
The weather is actually pretty good so far.  It is warmer than I would expect for Kansas at this part of the year.  I haven't even started wearing coats or thermals yet.  I am not excited for it to get cold.  I guess its not unusual for us to have extended periods of -20 temperatures.  This is an area where we don't have sisters to refer women to and I don't know how we are going to meet with them when it gets too cold outside.
My comp has Leavitt ancestors as well.  He noticed my Waite calendar and got excited when he saw the statue of Sarah Leavitt.  I also learned that our branch president went to Minico High School.  He is older than Mom and didn't know the name Waite though.

Emily has such a great attitude toward missionary work.  She wrote in her letter to me about planting seeds.  Even when we don't immediately see the results of our work we can be preparing people to receive the gospel later in life.   Quite a few of the people I have taught and worked with have been able to cite earlier experiences they had with the church or with missionaries.  I have felt very grateful toward those people who planted so that I could be a part of the reaping.  I read about Joseph Fielding Smith's mission; he didn't have any baptisms.  He was in England over a hundred years ago but never baptized anyone there.  He just planted seeds.

Miracle: A was very stressed the week of her baptism.  She was in an assisted living center that quite frankly shouldn't even be open.  The environment and people there are just terrible.  We all were praying that she could get into a better facility but it didn't look like it would happen anytime soon.  However the week after her baptism she was approved for the better facility and was able to move in immediately!  It is so much better.  They will even give her a ride to church!

I love you,
Elder Stapley

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