Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Answers....I honestly don't want you to send anything big in the mail.  It's too expensive.  I would like my mp3 player with music and speakers.  President just barely changed the rules on music and now anything goes as long as it's uplifting.  "I don't want to hear that you're listening to AC/DC though."  So load that thing up with everything.  If you're not sure if it's appropriate put it in anyway.  I'll sit down and delete a bunch when I get it.  Josh Groban, Celtic Woman, soundtracks, classical, religious, Disney, acapella.  Most of what I play will depend on my companion and what we are doing at the time.  Could you also send my small hymn book.  Like I said I don't want you to send anything big.  If your super determined though you could send me a Pyrex pan.  I only tell you that because I'm afraid your going to be stubborn and send me a big package.  I will not be happy with you if you do though.  You could also send me some honey.  Elder Hall got a jar of creamed honey and it was delicious.  If you find any cool extracts think of me as well.  I have root beer extract from one of the office elders and I'm loving it.
Wow that paragraph on things you could send me was way easier to write.  Some missionary I am.

I got your package, thanks so much.  The pictures and letters were awesome.  Thanks for the tie, Emily.  It's my new favorite.

Our investigators still aren't really progressing.  Until they come to sacrament meeting we're not going to try setting another date.  승현 is super excited to be baptized though.  I really want his enthusiasm to be genuine but he is just so eager to please us that I'm not sure he actually believes the stuff he says.  Aargh.  He did bring a friend though and we taught them together.  The friend had a Christian background and understood quite a bit.  He might actually have the most potential.  민권 has finally said that he will get baptized but he has shown even less interest in church than 승현 so that will be hard to help him.  Its difficult because all three are friends and we sometimes meet with them together but they are all at different levels.

We met an old catholic grandpa who invited us in to talk.  He gave us some muffins and challenged me to an arm wrestling match.  He is seventy one but I couldn't beat him.  It ended in a tie at least.  I was actually trying too.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and will go back later.

Today my companion really wanted a hamburger so we and the sisters walked across town and got McDonald's and then went to the ocean and ate there.  There were a ton of jellyfish and we watched some crabs fight over territory or girls or broken promises or something.  We couldn't really tell.  If I don't finish all my letters today that's why.

We don't have daylight saving time here.  My companion thinks it's a stupid idea.

I hate smoke.  In the apartment just under ours, and next to ours, and above ours, there are smokers.  This entire country smells like cigarettes.  It's also one of the highest alcohol consuming countries.  Right behind Russia according to some missionaries.  It's a real problem. 

I have a rather difficult question for you.  When do we use a or the in English.  I really have no idea what the rule is supposed to be.  Our English class is confused about it.

What is that picture of Mom as a missionary about?  Those look like white people.

I found out this week that Koreans consider me blonde.

I left my camera cord home, sorry.  I didn't have any good pictures anyway though.
Elder Stapley

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