Monday, June 6, 2016

May 30, 2016

Hey Family,

We had an outstanding week!  We had a new investigator just drop into our lap, and saw a miracle while contacting our EQP's sister, despite spending very little time out in our area.

So the 2nd ward sisters called us and said they were contacted by a guy who wanted to be baptized and then go the temple and be sealed with his wife.  They had set him for baptism on the phone but then realized that he lived in our area.  He is a retired chiropractor who moved here recently.  His wife is an active member who is still living in Vermont but is going to be coming up here soon.  He knows a lot about the church and has read the Book of Mormon before.  He is very intelligent and understands quickly.  He came to church and stayed for all three hours even though he was kind of uncomfortable in a new place.  He is set for the 11th.  That is my last Saturday!  It gives us very little time and if we have any problems we won't have much room to correct them but it would be so cool to finish out like that.  I hope his wife can get out here soon to help support him.  They are going to be such a great help to the ward here.

Our Elder's Quorum President is a really interesting guy.  He is a Hispanic dude covered with tattoos and scars.  He and his wife converted after he was shot and hurt pretty bad.  He and his wife are now one of the powerhouse families in the ward.  At dinner last week they asked us to knock on his sister's house.  She and her family had been introduced to the church before and hadn't done anything with it but they asked if we would try again.  We were so blessed to knock at the exact time that his sister was pulling up.  She was very friendly and invited us in.  Before we even started the lesson she was already crying.  We talked about the blessings that we have because of the Restoration of the Gospel and asked is she would read from the Book of Mormon to find an answer that would help her.  She felt the Spirit strongly and told us that she had some trials that were drawing her closer to God right now.  She had been given the Book of Mormon many times before but had never read from it.  After feeling the Spirit testify to her she promised to read.  She came to church yesterday and had a really good experience.  We are so excited for her!

Gotta go, I love you and love hearing from you.  I can't wait to see you again.

Elder Stapley

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