Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8, 2016

Dear Parents,

My allergies are pretty good so far but some of the other Elders are getting it pretty bad.  Maybe I'm still desensitized from my allergy shots.  My biggest allergy problem is still mold.  Sometimes it feels like President puts me in areas with moldy apartments so I will clean it up.

We met D this week! We had an appointment on Thursday but when we arrived he wasn't there.  We weren't able to stick around because we had zone training that we needed to get to.  We came back the same time that next day and he was actually home.  There was a miscommunication and he was expecting us an hour later the day before and had waited for us.  We had a really solid discussion.  We asked him if he felt like he had a relationship with God and he just started talking.  He had been pondering that exact question the previous day when we didn't show up and had realized that he had lost much of his closeness with God.  He then committed himself to make time for God and time to meet with us as well as come to church!  We basically just asked questions the entire time and he taught himself!  While we never can tell if the people we interact with are prepared to receive the Gospel at that point in their lives I am sure that David is at least getting close.  I think that we will see him baptized in the next little bit but it is up to God's timing and his own decisions.

We are realizing that I is really bad with a phone and haven't had much success keeping contact with him.  We'll see him this week though.  We are going to set him for baptism when we do.

Did I tell y'all that Elder Hall's younger sister is serving in this mission?  (Elder Hall was his trainer in Korea!)  I ran into her at zone conference.  Her brother told her I was here and she had been keeping an eye out for me.  That was cool.

Sorry I never have much time.  We do more and more on the computers nowadays but don't have much more time to do it all.  I love the emails I get from you and will try to send more pictures. Love you,

Elder Stapley

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