Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

(The goofy smile again!) 

Hi Parents,
I got your package today.  My companion is really excited for the mp3 converter thing. I didn't tell him it was coming.  Thanks for all the stuff.  I do still have the speaker.

We were able to find Vietnamese pamphlets on and printed them off.

I contacted President Hoesing.  It would be so great to be here when he visits.

We got a couple promising referrals.  One is the friend of one of the young women and has some family who are members.  She actually said that she wants to change and be baptized!  Another is a guy who was taking the lessons elsewhere but moved and got in contact with the church to find the missionaries again.  He lives in Vermillion which is outside our area but since there aren't missionaries there we got permission to visit him.  It is perfect. We have enough miles this transfer to be able to make the trip and the Vermillion branch is doing everything they can to convince President Gardner to get them missionaries again.  They are excited to help us out and fellowship this man.

This week I was trying to decide if the microwave was messy enough to clean and solved the problem by trying to see if an egg would explode when microwaved.  It did and then it was finally messy enough to be worth cleaning.  But I realized that the egg got fairly well cooked before exploding.  I tried again today on low but it still exploded just as quickly.  I thought I had discovered a quick way to hard boil an egg.  Just so you know.

I'm sorry my emails are so short and boring.  There isn't much going on here right now.  This next week we should have some good progress to report.

Love you,
Elder Stapley

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