Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Hey Parents,

According to the direction of our mission president my companion and I set a goal for three baptisms this month.  Obviously J and K were an important part of that goal but we wanted to set something that would require faith and, quite frankly, a miracle.  We only had a week to get someone to church and then keep them progressing to be baptized on the 26th.  We prayed and fasted for J and K and that we could help someone else to the waters of baptism as well.  Just yesterday we got a new investigator from the Sisters.  They had set him for baptism and he just needs to quit smoking.  It will still take a lot of work to make sure that all three of our people are ready but we might actually make our goal.  All of them seem really prepared. Holy miracle!  We got a new investigator! (Five stars! Two enthusiastic thumbs up! :D)

J and K are doing great.  They met with a member of the mission presidency as sort of a preliminary baptismal interview and are so stoked for baptism.  Not smoking is still a struggle of course but I expect they are over the worst of it.

We found a number of new people and got in contact with some we thought we had lost.  This week should be pretty busy.

We have been playing a lot of cheelo on pday the past couple of weeks.  It is like volleyball, crossed with soccer.  You can only use your legs and your head to get the ball over the net.  I guess it is popular in southern Asia.  We always play with the Karen.  You should youtube it.  The way they can kick is amazing.  One time our team of white boys actually beat some little kids! We boasted shamelessly.

As we have been teaching recently, the member involvement has been inspiring.  However, some of the biggest impacts have been from people you wouldn't expect.  There is an older couple in the ward that I have heard a few members complain about.  He always gets up and gives a long winded, awkward testimony and it annoys some people.  However J and K told us how big of an impact he made on them.  He is so loving and sets a great example by caring for his wife and is very welcoming to everybody.  We always need to remember that God gave us all different gifts.  He gave us these gifts and weaknesses so that we would have to rely on each other.  All spiritual gifts are given for the benefit of other people.  It is as we use these gifts in unity that we create Zion.  The believers are referred to as the body of Christ in the Bible.  Each part of a body has different functions and only by working together is anything accomplished.  Christ is our head and as we are obedient to Him and work with our brothers and sisters in unity, without envy or impatience, we can do amazing things in this life and ensure our exaltation in the life to come.  We will have the power to let go of those bad thoughts and emotions if we but ask God.  Please don't let those negative emotions stay in your mind.  To quote Elder Holland: "Throw the rascals out!"  The Spirit will be present and we can be better in line with God's will.
I love you,
Elder Stapley

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