Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Hey y'all,

The baptism was great!  There were plenty of good supportive people there and lots of missionaries.  Jeff and Starr brought a friend who we were able to teach as well.  Elder Packer, the missionary before me, flew in from California to be there. The actual baptism went perfectly.  Elder Jones baptized J and Packer baptized S.  They seemed to feel the Spirit as well as the support of the members.  Afterward we went to dinner together.  I got to try pate (two thumbs up) and ate a cornish hen, brick pressed on a bed of bacon and fingerling potatoes.  It was great.

I'm glad the Elders are using you for missionary work and glad that you are doing it.  Nothing is more important in life than bringing others closer to Christ.  We can tell by the way we use our time and talents what our priorities are.  We always have to be checking that our actual priorities are in line with our covenants.  I guess I have been frustrated that those who should know better think that serving in the church is enough and don't build up the Kingdom of God during the rest of the week. J and S understand their responsibility as the Lord's covenant people.  Even though J works nights he comes to church even on as little as an hour of sleep.  He and S are already teaching their friends and asking to come on teamups.

We are working with a lot of kids right now.  J and S sent us to talk to their friend.  She is a single mom with three teenagers. Her two youngest always invite us in. 

We often play basketball with C and his brother and friends.  Afterwards we were talking to some of them and found out that one of them had been baptized.  He wanted to reactivate and his brothers and girlfriend all showed interest as well.  
I got the package with the letters and candy.  
I haven't cooked any Korean food yet.  We are too busy getting fed by people and eating the leftovers!

We can Skype you on Mother's Day.  I'll be sure to call when you are home and not chatting with the family.  I don't have an exact time though.  Looking forward to it.
Love you,
Elder Stapley

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