Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hi family!  If you send a package can you find one of those mouth guards to stop you from grinding your teeth at night.  They don't exist in Korea.  I'm fine without it though.  I know packages are expensive.  

I never remember what I have written to you yet.  Did I tell you about the two high schoolers yet? We have been trying to teach these two really shy high school kids, Seung Hyun and Meen Gwan.  I really like Seung Hyun especially.  He loves music and will pull out random English songs and sing them for us.  When he came to church for the second time he showed up in a suit and really nice shoes.  He was so proud but his friend just seemed embarrassed.  They're so funny. They were coming to the church and coming to a bunch of the ward activities. They even brought a friend to English class!  Seung Hyun committed to a baptismal date on the nineteenth of October, but we couldn't get much of a response out of Meen Gwan.  Since then they just stopped coming to most of the stuff. I think that Meen Gwan is bored of us and Seung Hyun never comes alone.  We can't get them to sacrament meeting either because it is apparently too early.  Yesterday they had to go to the bathhouse for some reason and we didn't see them at all.  We're worried that we are losing them.

Kim Hee Sook is doing so good.  She is at church every week even though she is super busy. Her husband also comes sometimes.  Her daughters are somewhat iffy though. One is addicted to computer games and doesn't do much else.  This is the one that gave such a powerful testimony in sacrament meeting.  The other daughter is just way hyper.

It is really frustrating when people don't answer our calls!  Even the people that were always wanting to meet with us and were calling us have suddenly stopped answering our phone calls. The members even answer our calls only about half the time.  Koreans are so busy!  I'm not sure why I wanted to talk about that.  Be good, do good, call people back.
Love you,
Elder Stapley


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